• One habit I adhere to is to do eyelash extension in Stockholm. I've been to the same place for many years now. When I started with a fringe extension, there were very few salons, I think Ullis at Puder was one of only a handful of trained fringe extenders.


    Making an eyelash extension is an expensive habit; but so worth it. I go to the salon in Stockholm once a month and fill up the lashes and it takes around 60-90 minutes and costs around 600-700 SEK per occasion.

    Eyelash extension is done so that I lie on a treatment bench and Ullis puts on soft pads under the eyes so that the skin under the eyelashes is protected. Then she puts on a false eyelash on every real eyelash that I have. You can choose between different lengths of their false eyelashes and also different colors.

    I do not remember what lengths I have but generally I have chosen a natural look; I don't want to look like I'm going to party every day ... I have different lengths across the eye; at the bottom of the nose I have shorter lengths for example - just as my usual fringes differ in length.

    I remember in the beginning when I made my first fringe extension - then I hardly dared to think if I would destroy the lashes. But I promise that they are sustainable! However, I try not to rub my eyes and the glue itself can drop if you cry a lot. The first 24 hours after sitting on new lashes you should be careful with moisture (type sweat and shower) so it is usually exercise-free days - just like today.

    Occasionally alarms appear regarding the adhesive used in eyelash extension. I have never known of any problems with it and not Ullis either - she usually has mouth protection when she makes the fringe extensions.


    When I was there today she told me that a new trend is to make volume lashes; so to put several very thin eyelashes on every real fringe. It sounds extremely nice and I think you have to be very good at getting it nice.

    Many wonder how lashes disappear; What happens after a month? Well, the loose lashes fall off when you lose their regular eyelashes. The eyelashes grow in cycles and over time you notice that you sometimes lose their lashes faster than other aisles. That may be due to many things; were in the plant cycle you are and external factors such as seasons and so on.

    A common question is also if your real lashes are damaged by eyelash extension. There is nothing I noticed myself - I have done my lashes for so many years on a regular basis and it was several years since I only had my own lashes.

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